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Our Clients

ROBACH specializes in A&R, Artist Partnerships and Product Development. We have worked with clients ranging from Reggae Music to Moody Pop to Hindi Synthwave giving us insight into each market. 

Artist Partnerships

Naya Records is an independent record label founded and established in 2009 by drummer and producer Nathan Sabanayagam. After a six-year period of recording music with veteran reggae musicians and artists in Kingston, Jamaica, Nathan decided it was time to bring the music to the world; Naya Records was born!

Naya Records Logo.jpg

Artist Partnerships

Independent Label Home of Petit Biscuit. 


Artist Partnerships

Hailing from the sunny northeast English coast, Bad Blood is an artist that has no interest in writing & recording songs easily pigeonholed under one genre. Bad Blood aims to make the listener the lead character of each song.

Artist Partnerships

Ansatz Music Group

A globally minded, strategy-driven music group.


Product Development

The leading global Market Intelligence platform for the music industry is used by thousands of music professionals worldwide.

The company provides global and real-time data analytics on artists’ performances and market trends by tracking radio stations, playlists, charts, social media, and online media.

Product Development

A French music marketing platform that helps music curators discover new music while getting paid.

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